gilbert foundation repair waterproofing

As a team of professional contractors of foundation repair, we highly recommend the use of waterproofing to extend the longevity of your commercial and residential foundations.  As one of the simplest ways to ensure foundation problems are kept to a minimum, this type of maintenance keeps damage causing moisture out of concrete foundations.  We provide waterproofing for all the necessary parts of your property, including stem walls and basements, both of which are popular entrance points for moisture.  We also specialize in hard to reach spaces where moisture tends to accumulate, combatting the humidity with the installation of crawl space fans. Contact our expert foundation repair Arizona team today!


The value of having quality waterproofing done by a team of professionals can’t be heralded enough.  Without waterproofing, foundations are prone to leaks, mold and mildew, and general irrigation and draining problems.  The issue with these influxes of moisture is their impact on both the soil, as well as the concrete itself.  As a Phoenix foundation repair service, we know our clients don’t have to worry about the impacts of humidity or frost causing expansion or contraction, however excess moisture can still lead to perimeter damage.  That’s why we highly recommend getting waterproofing done with our team to make sure water is kept out of the foundation. 


One of the biggest entry points for moisture within home foundation repairs is through the crawl space.  In this area located between the ground and the home’s first floor, there’s the potential for the buildup of mold and mildew, as well as leaks that cause perimeter damage.  When our experts waterproof a crawl space, we use drainage matting that allows for the better removal of moisture, which in turn increases the durability of the space.  Additionally, in both residential and commercial spaces, we often employ the use of a crawlspace fan that acts as a dehumidifier to keep the space dryer. 


As the primary contact point above ground in conjunction with a foundation, stem walls are a component of the foundation that should always be well waterproofed to protect from outside elements.  Without the proper sealing, pests may enter the structure, slowly causing deterioration until there is a need for more serious repairs.  Good waterproofing not only protects against rain and moisture, but it prevents general damages, such as the rusting and corrosion of the rebar that supports it.  When stem wall rebar starts to rust and corrode, it expands causing foundation wall cracks that will need urgent, and potentially costly repairs. 


Waterproofing a basement is an integral part of preventing the need to repair house foundations.  As the level of the home that’s closest to the foundation, we often just accept basements as damp places, but this doesn’t need to be the case.  With our basement waterproofing, we ensure that basements are properly drained, or draining towards a sump pump, where applicable.  This aids in humidity control, and allows the family to have more thorough use of all areas of the home.  A well maintained and dry basement not only helps protect the security of a home, but also improves the home’s value.