Stem Wall Repair

gilbert foundation repair stem wall repair

An important component of your foundation is its ability to fit and work seamlessly with stem walls.  These walls connect the foundation to the vertical components of a structure, which makes them prone to issues with leaking.  They are also subject to foundation wall cracks from moisture seeping in and other causes.  Our foundation specialists know how to quickly identify these issues and apply the necessary solutions that will prevent them from reoccurring, whether it be repairs or replacements that best suit the situation.  There are also several steps in preventative maintenance that home and business owners can take to prevent major stem wall issues from occurring. Our foundation repair Arizona experts can help you with all your foundational issues.


The stem wall is a vital part of your home foundation.  Stem walls connect the foundation to the vertical walls of the property and reach an above ground level.  These structures are generally constructed of cinderblocks that are reinforced with steel rods and concrete.  Because they are the part that adjoins the horizontal and vertical parts of a property, they can be a weak point in a structure.  These structures are particularly vulnerable to the weather, which is why it is important to have experts periodically inspect them as a small crack can lead to larger cracks that may affect walls and flooring.


As the above ground connection for the foundation, stem walls are especially prone to deterioration.  Their above ground location means they are subject to the elements, as well as other outside forces, such as insects, like termites, that get into the protective barriers.  Additionally, as a connective point, between horizontal and vertical structures, they also tend to have problems during which the stem wall begins to separate from the foundation.  These issues can be compounded by the introduction of moisture that can lead to a foundation wall crack.  These cracks become a more complex issue when moisture gets into the rebar, causing it to oxidize and expand. 


The earlier clients identify and alert us to foundation problem signs, the faster we can fix the situation.  When they reach out to us for foundation repair in Phoenix, they know our experts will identity the issue and find the right solutions for their vertical foundation cracks.  While some cracks my need crack stitching, others require more detailed repairs.  Other companies may take short cuts and replace a small part of the structure, whereas our experts take the time to perform a full inspection.  During this process, we identify the source of the pressure, replacing the full rods or sandblasting and waterproofing them as necessary to prevent future issues. 


Having to deal with foundation crack repairs can be a hassle for our client’s, knowing that they’re not sitting on solid ground.  With regular foundation inspections, our experts are able to identify these foundation problem signs, and guide our clients to preventing the need for major building foundation repairs in the future.  Some simple steps that property owners can take include making sure walls are properly painted to avoid elemental intrusions.  Rebar should be prepped prior to installation with rust inhibitors, and most importantly, foundations as a whole need to be waterproofed to prevent excess moisture from penetrating the structure.