Heave Remediation

gilbert foundation repair heave remediation

When it comes to heaving concrete, it’s important to have professional foundation contractors take a look at the issue.  Without proper training it’s easy to confuse heaving and settling foundations as they both have similar symptoms, but it’s important to differentiate between them as their causes have differing solutions.  Heaving is the upward movement of the foundation caused by the swelling of soil generally caused by the introduction of moisture which may lead to cracks.  It’s important to fix even the most elementary signs of this type of structural fault as it can lead to bigger problems for the foundation as a whole. 


The signs of a heaving foundation are something most home and business owners can recognize even if they don’t know the causes.  Some common signs that a structure may require foundation house repair include uneven floor slabs or displaced and tilting slabs that leave surfaces off kilter.  There may also be  cracking on the inside of a home, and in some rarer instances cracking on the outside of the home.  Both horizontal and vertical foundation cracks may appear in the floor, all indicating the need for assessment by foundation specialists.  Because of the difficulty of making an accurate assessment of the cause it’s best to have experts examine the problem.  


Although the heaving and settling of a house has similar signs, their origins are the opposite which it’s best to get an experts consultation.  During heaving, soil pushes the foundation upward, and is often caused by the introduction of excess moisture into the environment.   This heaving process can cause horizontal foundation cracks.  Some of the leading causes of moisture include issues in draining stemming from the property including cracked sprinklers, improperly aligned gutters, as well as general drain leaks that result in extra moisture seeping into the soil.  In other cases, heaving foundations may be caused by tree roots interfering with the underground structures. 


When it comes to house foundation repair, making sure property is resting on a secure base helps clients know that their investment is protected.  While uneven floors can be unattractive aesthetically, there are also many other reasons that create for a need for foundation repair on concrete.  Heaving foundations can lead to greater problems within the property, as foundation cracks are an infiltration point for extra moisture both into the foundation itself as well as in the home.  Addressing areas that need heave remediation with our expert services as soon as possible not only prevents greater damage to the home, but also creates a more stable foundation for the property. 


With our expert house foundation repair techniques, our clients know that their homes and businesses are being handled by a knowledgeable and reliable team.  Our foundation contractors identify and remedy issues whether it’s lowering heaved excavations, replacing parts or drying the necessary components.  Most solutions involve some form of moisture control that prevents further foundation heaves from occurring.  Addressing these moisture issues may include scanning the property for factors that are contributing to moisture problems such as leaky drains and other forms of improper drainage.  We also use technology that assists in stabilizing the ground beneath the foundation, preventing future problems.