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If you’re having problems with your foundation, whether you need foundation house repairs or repairs for a commercial space, Arizona Foundation Repair Pros is the company you want to take care of all your foundation concrete repairs.  We assist our clients in identifying the signs of foundation problems, offering them our expert knowledge of Gilbert foundation repair techniques.  We specialize in all types of foundations, and the repairs necessary to maintain them at full health.  Whether problems stem from a house leveling or settling, our experts identify the issue and provide the advice and services our clients need to prevent similar issues in the future. 


When there are cracks in foundation structures, it’s important to get these kinds of issues addressed by professional foundation inspections as soon as possible.  During house foundation repairs, we not only fix cracked foundations, but more importantly, address the underlying issue to prevent future problems.  Our Phoenix foundation repair for concrete address the closure and stabilization of foundation cracks, whether the spot needs an epoxy injection or a foundation pier repair. We level the slab to prevent the associated issues with settling and heaving, and take the necessary steps to ensure future soil stabilization that is the most common culprit in foundation problems. 


A home foundation leveling is not an uncommon problem, but it’s something that homeowners and owners of commercial spaces alike should be aware of.  This type of problem can be caused by a number of contributors, from excess moisture from plumbing to invasive tree roots.  Most commonly house leveling and heaving problems stem from the general soil condition, such as when expansive soil pushes foundations out of its original place. Soil may also settle over time, disrupting a steady base.  Using different forms of weight distribution to amend the issues, our foundation crack repairs find the lasting solution to a common problem. 


As with any part of a home, making sure it receives the proper maintenance is one of the best way to prevent more costly damages in the future.  With our foundation inspections, we visit residential and commercial spaces to make sure everything is working as it should when it comes to the foundation and stem walls.  If necessary, our foundation specialists will recommend necessary maintenance treatments or alert property owners to potential problems.  With soil problems being a primary culprit of foundation issues, we may recommend alterations to landscape to help absorb water, or corrected gutter drainage to avoid excess moisture.


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signs your arizona foundation repair needs attention:

There are many signs that can be indicative of a damaged foundation.  However, to the untrained eye, identifying the cause of these problems is a much tricker task.  An inexperienced inspector may be unable to tell the difference between house foundation leveling and a foundation heave.  For clients looking to identify signs that may be suggestive of a need to repair a concrete foundation, some common signs include mold and moisture buildup when proper drainage isn’t occurring.  There may also be crumbling concrete, or foundation wall cracks.  Other signs may include loosened or stuck doors and windows that often point to foundation problem signs.

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