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gilbert foundation repair concrete lifting and leveling

Homes or businesses that have noticed concrete lifting, are quick to understand that they have a foundation problem.  This type of foundation crack can be caused by several issues, including settling foundations, and may create a need for residential foundation repair.  With our services, we identify the issue, and target the culprit, whether it’s addressing expansive soil, or applying foundation pier repairs that help stabilize the area in question.  We take care of garage floor repairs, as well as leveling basement floors.  No matter the issue, our experts are available to perform the house foundation repair techniques to get a home resting safely on stable ground.


While concrete heave and concrete settling may appear be similar, they have different instigating causes.  Concrete lifting is caused by the settling of a concrete floor, and in areas where support is insufficient, cracks may appear.  In this case the floor may become uneven, walls may begin to bow, or there may be a need for wall crack repairs.  These are all potential results of poorly compacted soil, or may even be caused by invasive tree roots.  Whereas some of these leveling issues are able to be fixed by grinding concrete, others may need more involved repairs, which is why it’s best to let our experts conduct a proper foundation inspection. 


Foundation pier repair involves the use of high strength piers to reinforce and stabilize a sinking or settling foundation.  Clients know they can rely on Arizona Foundation Repair Pros to use the best materials in our repairs and replacements.  We also use post tension foundation as a support mechanism, depending on the concrete foundation being used.  Using foundation post tension is typically used in conjunction with concrete slabs.  Our contractors for foundation repair are experts in both of these types of reinforced support.  Whichever method is used to rectify the problem, our experts conduct a soil analysis to get ahead of future issues, as well as stop ones that are presently occurring. 


One of the most common problems when we arrive to repair house foundations is the need to address a leveling basement floor.  For homeowners, this is one of the most commonly visualized areas for home foundation repairs as the basement sits atop the foundation.  In these cases, depending on the severity of the settling and the prediction of future movement, we have several methods of foundation restoration that combats the shrinking, compacting or settling of the property’s soil.  These may include grinding concrete, as well as pressure grouting.  Where applicable, we may also use foundation post tension to assist in the corrections. 


Garage floor repairs are another area where we often see settling issues within home foundation repairs.  Homeowners may notice water collection or other forms of bad drainage within their garages.  As part of leveling a garage, we inspect the foundation to understand the cause of the problem.  Often the need for these garage floor repairs comes from a foundation that was not properly installed, or has soil that has been poorly compacted underneath.  Fortunately because much less weight tends to rests on garage foundations, our skilled foundation contractors are able to correct issues in a few days that can take an inexperienced workman a few weeks.