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As a local business, we at Arizona Foundation Repair Pros understand the importance of protecting your commercial investment – and that’s why making sure your property has solid ground beneath it should be as important to you as it is to us.  There are a number of ways in which a broken foundation may interfere with your business creating a need for commercial foundation repair.  Our experts are there to support you through the process, from identifying the problem through the completion of the repairs.  We also provide stem wall repair that helps prevent elemental intrusions, as well as waterproofing that keeps moisture from affecting the overall condition of the foundation. 


There are many problems that may give you a reason to need foundation repair in Phoenix.  Aside from foundation problem signs being unsightly for both business owners and potential clients, having a faulty foundation can be potentially dangerous for the property itself.  Vertical foundation cracks and horizontal foundation cracks are two of the biggest indicators of problems.  In the absence of a cracked foundation, mold or mildew near the ground floor may be a sign that unwanted moisture is permeating the foundation.  Both of these issues may indicate expansive soil, meaning the property may be settling or the land is subject to foundation heaving. 


As experts in repairing concrete foundations, at Arizona Foundation Repair Pros, we also help our clients when they have issues with their stem walls.  Whether the walls are deteriorating at their above ground exposure point, there are issues at the juncture with the foundation, or they’re simply starting to show foundation wall cracks – our knowledgeable experts are able to rectify the issue.  Our team seeks to find points of entrance for moisture, as well as identify any pressure point that’s affecting cracks in the stem wall.  If necessary, we replace rusted or corroded rebar or perform the necessary crack stitching that will protect the structure. 


One of the best ways to prevent the need for foundation concrete repair is to keep the property well maintained with our expert waterproofing.  Not only does our waterproofing protect the property from excess moisture, but using the best materials ensures the waterproofing will extend the longevity of the construction.  We identify and address issues of draining and irrigation, as well as helping clients understand how outside structures may affect their soil, which in turn affect a settling foundation.  During our foundation inspections, we thoroughly inspect crawlspaces to make sure they’re dry, installing crawlspace fans as necessary to assist in creating a dryer environment.


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As professional foundation contractors, we specialize in a variety of techniques that fix cracked foundations quickly and efficiently.  We know how important a commercial space is for our clients’ businesses, which is why we strive to target and eliminate the problem, getting them back to business, as usual.  We specialize in heave remediation, as well as concrete lifting and leveling, depending on the origins of the issue.  Using the highest quality materials and latest technology available to our industry in all of our repairs, our services include the conduction of high quality foundation pier repairs that not only rectifies problems, but helps prevent its reoccurrence. 

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