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When it comes to your home or business, you want to be sure that your investment is resting on solid ground.  That’s why when you notice a damaged foundation, it’s best to call Gilbert AZ Foundation Repair to handle all of your foundation repairs in Phoenix.  Having horizontal or vertical foundation cracks can be signs of larger problems, and should undergo foundation inspections by experts in order to ensure the safety and security of the building.  We specialize in all types of repairs from leveling garage floors, post tension foundation, as well as waterproofing.  With our foundation specialists, you can be confident your foundation issues will be resolved.


Our Gilbert concrete business is a local company that performs fast and efficient concrete foundation repairs that returns your commercial or residential space to normal as quickly as possible.  We take pictures of foundation problems and analyze them to find the best method of action for foundation concrete repair.  Our experts perform crack stitching, and treat problems with stem walls, as well as installing the necessary waterproofing to prevent the need for foundation crack repairs.  We use the highest quality materials during all our installations, as well as the latest technology.  Combining the best products with our expert knowledge and professional workmanship, out clients receive the best foundation repair Gilbert AZ knows. 


As premier contractors of foundation repair in Phoenix, we proved all the services your residential or commercial space needs to combat foundation problem signs.  We repair concrete foundations, using the latest techniques that ensure our installations will last.  Whether the problem is a settling foundation, expansive soil or problems needing foundation pier repair, our team has the know-how to identify and fix the problem at hand.  We also perform stem wall repairs and provide the waterproofing that helps prevent future foundation cracks.  No matter the problem, we provide the knowledge and professionalism that addresses your building foundation repairs.

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There are a number of issues pertaining to a foundation that may call for house foundation repair.  Whether there are vertical foundation cracks or other foundation problem signs, our experts can perform the foundation repair that will remedy the entry points or address the cause of the problem.  As professional foundation contractors with years of on the job experience, we repair house foundations, making sure to provide solutions rather than a quick fix. 


When it comes to stem wall repair, these wall crack repairs can be vital to the integrity of the foundation as a whole.  Addressing not only the immediate wall crack repairs, stem wall issues need to be addressed from their origins, including points of pressure that may include rusty or corroded rebar.  With our Phoenix foundation repair service, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the problem and its causes to find the right plan for repairs.

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We were starting to notice cracks appearing in our foundation as well as a musty smell coming from the basement that wouldn’t go away.  After I couldn’t take it anymore, I called Arizona Foundation Repair, and they were amazing!  They fixed the ugly cracks and waterproofed our foundation and crawl space getting rid of that horrible odor.  Their repairmen were great and got the job done quickly and cleanly.  Loved their services!

Dan E.

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Things like heaving or a settling house may create foundation wall cracks that call for a need for leveling the basement floor or other house foundation repair techniques.  With cracks in foundation, it can be hard for amateurs to know how to fix the foundation of a house, determining whether its heave or the house settling.  Our experts know how to differentiate the two issues, performing the home foundation repair that’s appropriate to the originating cause.


At our foundation repair company we not only perform residential foundation repair, but commercial repairs, as well.  Whether a commercial property needs wall crack repairs or replacement or repairs for foundation post tension, there’s not a job too large or small for our professionals.  We use the highest quality materials in our repairs to make sure they last.  We fix cracked foundations quickly and reliably, making sure to get a business up and running as normal as soon as possible.

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We were noticing that our doors and windows were no longer fitting in their frames like they were when we first built our new home.  A friend mentioned Arizona Foundation repair, and they alerted us to the fact that our frames were out of place because our foundation.  They came in and quickly made the repairs, getting everything back to normal and preventing future issues.  We highly recommend their professional services!”

Ashley M

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When it comes to foundation house repairs, lifting and leveling are two common issues we address.  These issues cause foundation wall cracks among other symptoms, and create a need for our experts to perform house foundation leveling or garage floor repairs.  This unsightly symptom of a settling house may require grinding concrete or even foundation pier repair, in more serious circumstances.  Our experts alert clients to related issues of moisture or drainage that can prevent the problem in the future.


In order to prevent a need to fix a cracked foundation, taking precautionary steps, like installing proper waterproofing, can go a long way in avoiding problems.  Keeping foundations dry helps prevent excess moisture from penetrating the structure and the soil beneath, which in turn protects the structural integrity.  We also install crawlspace fans in both commercial and residential spaces to help keep this damp area of a building dryer and assist in avoiding problems with the foundation.

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Where my house makes contact with the ground we were starting to notice some crumbling and cracking of the cement.  I called Arizona Foundation Repair, and they fixed my stem wall, making the necessary part replacements and patching up the job at the end so it looked like new.  I would definitely use their services again in the future.

Jason B.

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